Charles Farris Scented Candles in Textured Glass


I Grand Cascade – Smoky Cedar, Moss and Amber – composed of a deep, smoky aroma of cedar, aged leather and birch, and is offset by fresh moss and amber. Inspired by the aged leather and woodsmoke scents of industrial London in the 1840s.

II Sweet Elixir – Mimosa, Bergamot and British Honey – composed of a bouquet of floral with sweet honey, blended with fruity notes of cherry and citrus. A gentle and comforting scent, inspired by the English meadow.

III Rubus – Blackberry and Bay – composed of aromatic bay blended with sharp blackberry, crisp green and herbal notes to create a vibrant scent. An uplifting blend, inspired by English country hedgerows in late summer.

IV Redolent Fig – Wild Fig and Green Accords – composed of wild green fig leaves mixed with a hint of fruity cassis, soft florals and a woody base note. Perfect for feeling refreshed and restored, this scent is inspired by the history of figs within high society London.

V British Expedition – Cloves, Tobacco and Mint Tea – composed of warm cloves and light ginger mixed with the freshness of sweet tobacco and mint tea. A scent with an adventurous spirit, inspired by London in 1845, the founding year of Charles Farris.

VI Garden of Eden – Tuberose, Jasmine and Ylang Ylang – composed of a blossoming garden scent of tuberose and lily of the valley, blended with fragrant jasmine and ylang ylang. A deep, luxurious twist on the scents of the English cottage garden.

VII Pinetum – Pine, Fir, Balsam & Cinnamon – composed of sweet green pine needles mixed with cooling eucalyptus and birch leaves, with a rich base of amber and sandalwood. Comforting and restoring, inspired by the herbal notes of a fresh British Christmas tree.

VIII Elizabeth – Orange Blossom, Jasmine & Green Mulberry – composed of a new youthful, feminine fragrance. Made from young citrus blossom with green accords touched with jasmine and fresh mulberries. A British classic.

Hand-poured in England for a slow, even burn for up to 50 hours and made using only the highest quality ingredients.

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Weight 210 g

I Grand Cascade, II Sweet Elixir, III Rubus, IV Redolent Fig, V British Expedition, VI Garden of Eden, VII Pinetum, VIII Elizabeth